Chris Jensen

About me

I am a full time consultant specializing in problem solving. With a broad knowledge base and unique thought process, I approach projects with a passion not commonly found. While I admit a love for Open Source Software, do not think I am limited to it. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and Charter member MCSA because of my participation in Microsoft's beta program. Whether you need someone onsite, remote, or just for those emergencies, I am just a call away.


Develop tool to assist the analysis of facilities for financing of solar installation

  • Zend Framework
  • jQuery
  • OpenLayers

Develop online tire fitment guide for New England's largest privately held automotive parts and accessories chain

  • Zend Framework
  • Dojo

Develop platform to allow to perform cloud backups for cold storage of bouy data

  • Built using Amazon Web Services
  • Eliminated downtime and human labor involved in changing tapes

Assist TANE with various technology related tasks

  • Ongoing development of web site
  • Migrate from custom event management system to hosted service

Develop sales aid for a biotechnology sales team

  • Adobe Flex client
  • PHP server
  • Ability to update client remotely and securely, including all content
  • Strict overall security including symmetric signing of encrypted network traffic

Develop software to perform heuristic analysis of Wind Farm Data

  • C/Python/PostgreSQL
  • Software evaluates certain statistical characteristics like mean and standard deviation, heuristic qualities like covariance, and a battery of expert-systems analysis, disregarding any anomalies, ensuring an accurate representation of the data to the wind farm owner.

Head development and optimization of large scale PHP/MySQL project, centered around Wind Farm development

  • Lead team of programmers
  • Managed BZR repository merges
  • Create architecture that allowed easy cloud deployment using Amazon Web Services
  • Real world experience with MySQL optimizations, advanced MySQL replication techniques, Postgresql/PostGIS, memcached, RightScale

Develop cloud deployment capable of reliably handling 50+ million hits per month

  • Built on Amazon Web Services
  • Extensive apache2, MySQL, PHP experience
  • Lead team of programmers using Zend Framework

Setup and maintain 14TB (the largest HD available was 200GB) filesystem and make available to a cluster of linux nodes to perform very large scale computational tasks.

  • Fedora Core
  • XFS
  • Cisco PIX
  • HP Proliant G3/4 & iLO

Optimize and maintain wireless ISP routing infrastructure, and setup custom monitoring and trending solution to replace closed source vendor implementation.

  • Nine Cisco routers, Five egress points
  • Cacti, extended and customized

Develop automation and control system for Maine based Biofuel refinery

  • Required solution to provide automation to a largely manual process
  • Used Atmel AVR and a host of sensors such as sonar transducers, infrared temperature gauges to perform non-contact measurements of liquids

ISP required solution to assist in troubleshooting of DSL customer troubles, and notification system for technicians.

  • OOPHP framework with MySQL backend used to log periodic ATM polling information grabbed from Cisco routers
  • Extended Cacti to send a voice call to the technician, explaining the triggered event

Setup customized TRAC/SVN solution for software development house

  • Single Sign On for multiple projects under a single install point
  • Flexible permissions and authentication schemes

Oversaw 13 employees and several contractors in all technical departments for independant telephone company and internet service provider. Was responsible for oversight of a nearly one million dollar yearly capitol budget, personnel, and the fulfillment of the strategic vision.

  • Managed the successful transition of a propreitary billing system to outsourced vendor

Handle all network and systems administration for a 30 employee company. Troubleshoot and maintain servers, desktops, printers, and of course people. Played a pivotal role in the transition of the ISP to a new network, servers, and technical support.

  • Windows, Linux, Netware, Unix
  • Windows AD design
  • Linux Samba and AD integration
  • Networked Tape Library backup
  • Setup Asterisk PBX, integrate with Nortel DMS500

Setup content management system for Maine Garden Guide.

  • W3C Complaint
  • Smarty templating for easy maintenance
  • Google Map API


  • Short and Long term contracts
  • Hourly support
  • Onsite or remote